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Reviews have become fundamental to the world of online business, with customers using resources like this to heavily influence their buying decisions. With Google’s Local Business service rapidly taking control of this market, customers trust this platform, and this makes it a great place to start when you’re working on this for your own business. When you’re relying on something like reviews to draw people to your business, it makes sense to put them in as many places as possible, enabling your customers to see them.

One of the best locations for your reviews is your website. While a lot of people struggle with web design and won’t be able to build a site from scratch, adding a service like Google Reviews to a website is surprisingly comfortable. To give you the help you need, this post will be exploring some of the steps which you will have to take to get this working, across several of the most popular website platforms in the world.

The first stage in this process involves getting yourself hooked up with some credentials which will provide you with access to the Google Review API. You will already have a Google Local Business account, and this means that you need only follow this guide to get yourself on the right track with an OAuth 2.0 certificate.

Embed Reviews Yourself

Google doesn’t officially support a simple way to embed your reviews onto your site, instead of forcing those who would like to build for themselves to use their JavaScript API for it.

This approach takes a lot of learning and is far too deep for this post to cover entirely, but Google has made their handy guide which can show you how to use review data. You should only go down this route if your website isn’t built using one of the platforms below.

Add Google Reviews To WordPress Site

WordPress is by far the most popular website building platform on the market, and this means that there are loads of plugins available to make your life more comfortable with it. The guide below assumes that you are logged in on WordPress and can see the backend Admin area.

Step One – Download Plugin: While its name may not be very imaginative, Google Reviews Widget is a popular free plugin which can handle the tasks at hand. You can download it using the link and should be left with a .zip file afterward.

Step Two – Install The Plugin: Navigate to your Admin backend, and go to the Plugins section on the left-hand side of the page. Once here, you should see a button at the top which says “Add New” or “Add Plugin,” and this should be clicked, replacing the button with an “Upload” option which would also be clicked. You can now upload and activate the plugin.

add new plugin wordpress

You can also simply search for the plugin in WordPress and install it from there. Just go to Add New – then type in the search ‘Google Review Widget’ and you’ll see the plugin below. Click install, then activate.

Step Three – Setting It Up: The setup process for WordPress plugins is nice and straightforward. Upon installing it, you should be taken to its menu system, giving you the chance to get started. The most crucial part of this is your address, and you need to make sure that you’ve added it correctly if the plugin is going to function as intended.

Step Four – Get It Displayed: There are two options when you’re looking to display a WordPress plugin on your site; shortcode or widgets. Widgets have to be added in pre-allocated areas and can be found in the “Customize” section of WordPress. Shortcode can be added anywhere, though you will have to pay to get access to this feature.

Add Google Reviews To Wix Site

Wix has been in the game of DIY website builders for longer than just about any other company. This gives them a significant edge in certain areas, and the plugins on offer are certainly one of them.

Step One – Add The Plugin: The MyReviews plugin is one of the most popular available for Wix. You can go to its page, click the “Add to Site” button, and get started with the process of installing it without having to go through any real trouble.

Step Two – Getting Setup: Setting up this plugin is very similar to the process for WordPress, and you will need your API credentials at this stage. Unlike the other options in this post, this plugin can cover Facebook and Yelp reviews, too, making it extremely powerful for those going down more than one route.

Step Three – Adding It To The Site: Wix uses a strict grid-based system as its structure, often making it a challenge for users to choose exactly where they’d like their content to go. Once you do decide, though, it will be a simple matter of clicking the right space and filling it with your MyReviews plugin.

Add Google Reviews To Shopify Site

Shopify doesn’t have quite the same following as WordPress but is an excellent alternative for those who want to be able to sell things through their website. Plugins can be used to help with this, though it tends to be a little more expensive with this platform, as there are fewer options available to spark competition.

Step One – Add The App: Google Reviews by Omega has been around for a reasonable amount of time, and has long been one of the more popular options for this sort of job. It comes with a trial which will start as soon as you click the “Add App” button.

Step Two – Get It Configured: In the Shopify backend, you can effortlessly search for options which relate to your apps, making the task of finding your plugin options friendly and quick. You will need your Google Local Business account details at this point and will have to be careful to input everything perfectly.

Step Three – Display It: This plugin is great because it allows you to add your configured reviews to the site using shortcode. The reviews can go anywhere, and installing them properly will be easy, giving you the chance to start reaping the benefits.

As reviews become increasingly important to small businesses, the number of companies which are working to be compatible with them is only growing. While they may not allow you to embed Google Reviews to your website, you can still have access to an extensive range of tools to help you out with this.

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