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If you run a small business and are highly dependent on local custom, it’s more than likely that you have a Google My Business page. It’s the cornerstone of local SEO and is invaluable in positioning yourself as the solution when local consumers have a problem which they turn to their smartphones to fix. What’s more, the search giant offers businesses a suite of advertising and analytics tools to help them make themselves more visible to their target market.

Recently, however, Google has given businesses another reason to be grateful for their My Business accounts. Recently, brands have begun using a new feature called My Business Posts, and are currently scrambling for ways in which to use these to their advantage. Here we’ll look at some potential uses and benefits for this useful new feature.

Creating a My Business Post

Crating a My Business post is as easy as;

create a gmb post

  • Look at the left-hand side of your My Business account. You should see the “Posts” tab.

  • Click on Posts, then select the type of post you wish to use:
    • Product – Showcase a product you want people to know about
    • What’s New – Share a blog, fact, or any other simple post
    • Event – Promote an upcoming event
    • Offer – Show off a promotion you have going on

gmb post types

  • Use a high-quality image that grabs the attention of users. Google Posts image size is 750×750.

gmb post

  • Write a compelling 100-300 word description.

In this regard, writing a My Business post is just like posting on any other social feed. However, as we’ll discuss later, My Business Posts have several distinct advantages.

Uses for My Business Posts

There are many reasons why you might want to use My Business Posts. You can use them to draw attention to a limited time offer or sale that you’re throwing. You can use them to promote events. You can use them to showcase new products or introduce new members of your team. The possibilities are limitless. 

Potential benefits of My Business Posts

As you can see, My Business Posts differ little from tweets or Facebook posts. Nonetheless, the fact that it’s a new platform gives early adopters some distinct advantages;

It shows a proactive attitude and readiness to embrace the new

Consumers don’t want to do business with brands that are set in their ways or seem resistant to change. Becoming an early adopter (even if you’re not entirely sure of your strategy yet) of My Business Posts demonstrates to consumers that you’re keen to embrace the new and take a proactive approach when it comes to engaging with your target market.

This can position you ahead of competitors who haven’t even heard of My Business Posts.

Create authentic engagement with users

Like any social platform, GMB posts give you the chance to engage meaningfully with your target audience and add a face and sense of personality to your brand. The design of posts allows for the kind of relaxed and friendly engagement that resonates with consumers and creates potentially long-lasting business relationships.

Improve SEO and drive organic traffic

Because GMB posts are relatively new, they represent a far less crowded playing field in which you can interact with consumers. This can help to drive more quality organic traffic to your website whenever you backlink through your posts. 

This, in turn, can be highly advantageous for your SEO. GMP posts can drive the kind of genuine traffic that Google values and while it won’t necessarily send your SEO skyrocketing overnight, it can definitely be a boon to your existing SEO strategy.

Helps Google to get to know your business better

Google’s practices will always be enshrouded in a certain amount of mystery. Nonetheless, the search giant seems increasingly interested in gaining a comprehensive overview of sites that its algorithms are recommending to users. 

GMB posts can afford you an opportunity to improve Google’s perception of your brand.

It can help your business to stay agile

As a new platform, GMB Posts can serve as an interesting microcosm for how users are interacting with and experiencing your brand. Because it is less crowded than other platforms, you can quickly gain a clear idea of which kinds of posts are gaining traction with users and which are not. This means that you can respond in a faster and more agile way to maximize user engagement and remove barriers between the consumer and your brand.

Consumers trust Google

Because Google is Google, there’s a degree of trust inherent in GMB Posts which you can piggyback upon. It provides users with a known, reliable means through which they can have a meaningful relationship with your brand, even if they’re not interacting with you on other platforms.

With all this in mind, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t start experimenting with Google My Business Posts. They’re quick and easy to post and you can start formulating and implementing a strategy right now.

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