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If you register your company on Google My Business, then it allows you to create a Business Profile where you can connect with your customers. It also lets them leave reviews, which everyone else will see when they search for your company through Google.

Naturally, as Google is the largest search engine out there, these reviews become extremely important. While ensuring you gain as many positive reviews as possible is vital, it’s just as important to ensure you respond to the reviews in the right manner. Bearing that in mind, this article will talk you through some of the best ways to respond to Google Reviews, and why it’s absolutely crucial that you do so.

So how do you respond to a Google Review?

First of all, we’ll briefly explain how you actually go about responding to any reviews. On your Google My Business profile, you just have to click on the Reviews section, then click Respond.

Step 1: Go To You Google My Business Page and Click “Reviews”

click reviews in Google My Business

Step 2: Click “Reply” Under The Review You Want To Reply To

Click Reply To Reply to Google Review

Step 3: Type Out Your Review Response And Post It

Responding to a review via Google My Business

That’s all there is to it, but the way in which you respond is what makes a load of difference.

So, here are some of the biggest do’s and do not’s:

Responding to Reviews with 2 Step Reviews

With a 2 Step Reviews account, you’ll be able to respond to all your Google reviews and Facebook reviews from one place. In your aggregated review feed, you’ll see the green “Respond” button in the upper right-hand corner of the review.

Finding the respond button in the 2 Step Reviews dashboard

You simply have to click it, type your response in the popup and submit your response.

Writing a response to a review from 2 Step Reviews Dashboard

Once you click “Respond” your review response will be posted to where the review was left. This makes it very easy to manage multiple Google My Business pages and Facebook business pages all from one dashboard. So that you never miss a review.

Constructing your Response

Take your time and plan out the response

The worst thing you can do is write a quick reaction without giving it any thought. This usually leads to grammatical errors or spelling mistakes, which cost against your business. What’s more, you’re likely to respond more emotionally and say things you regret if you just fire off whatever is on your mind.

Instead, take time to plan out your review and write it carefully. Ensure that it makes sense, all the spelling is accurate, and you haven’t made glaring grammatical mistakes. It’s worth getting someone else to proofread it as well, just to be safe. Now, you’ll publish a professional response that makes you look a lot better.

Respond within a few days

If possible, you should respond to any review within a few days of it being published. This shows that you’re on the ball and care about customer feedback. People will be impressed that you respond so quickly, which reflects well on your business. If you leave it too long, then your response won’t have much of an impact as the reviewer has probably forgotten all about it.

Of course, if you’re really busy, you may be unable to respond within a day or two. If that’s the case, then around two weeks is still going to be effective.

Always be polite

It goes without saying that you need to be polite when addressing any reviews. It doesn’t matter how rude the person has been, you have to maintain politeness at all times. It looks terrible when you see a business respond to rudeness with more rudeness. It’s totally unprofessional, and this alone could put off a lot of current and potential customers.

When you’re polite, it counts in your favor – especially when people are rude to you. It shows you have class and integrity, and people will respect that.

Address the content of the review

Some reviews will contain a lot of information and feedback for businesses to use. If you come across one that explains any problems someone had or includes questions, then make sure your response actually addresses the content in the review. This does two things; it shows you’ve read the review and paid attention to it, and it shows you’re keen to help out and solve any issues.

If someone leaves a review and asks a question, then you just respond “Thanks for the review, we’ve taken your feedback onboard” then it just looks like a generic response. There’s no indication you’ve actually taken the feedback on-board, it’s almost like you’ve responded just for the sake of responding!

Respond to both positive and negative reviews

A common mistake is only responding to one type of review. Some businesses ignore negative reviews and focus on the positives, while others do the opposite. Don’t do this; make sure you respond to both positive and negative reviews!

Positive reviews deserve a response as it shows your customers you’re so thankful for their feedback. Negative reviews can’t be ignored as you need to show people you’re addressing any issues and taking their feedback on-board. People will notice when you only respond to one type of review, and it looks quite bad. We go over responding to negative reviews in depth here.

respond to reviews

Why is it important to respond to Google reviews?

There are a few reasons you really need to start responding to your reviews on Google. The first of which is that it impacts your reputation. Responses will show people that you’re a professional company who takes things seriously and values all customers.

Secondly, it can influence future customer behavior as well. If someone sees a negative review, then reads a positive response from you, it might make them want to try your business. Similarly, the person leaving that review may change their opinion and return. Likewise, responding to positive reviews encourages customers to remain loyal and keep coming back for more.

Thirdly, from a marketing perspective, responding to Google reviews can encourage more people to leave reviews as they know they have an impact. As a result, the more reviews you generate, the better your SEO will be. It’s proven that Google reviews do impact your search ranking so you can gain more exposure. Customers are more likely to leave a review if they know the business will respond!

Hopefully, there’s some advice here that will help you respond to Google reviews. Don’t underestimate the value of your responses; it can have a profound effect on the success of your business.

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