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Texting is a great way to reach your customer base. After all, what consumer doesn’t have a cell phone in their hand at all times? While texting is a great marketing strategy, there are some good and bad strategies with this power.

A lot of people who get on a platform like 2 Step Reviews, a texting solution to get more reviews on your business pages, have the itch to go a little crazy once they get their hands on it. Many businesses have the contact info from nearly all of our past consumers, and you may be tempted to mass-text all these customers at one time.

While this definitely seems like the quicker and easier approach, it is not an efficient way to get reviews.

Consider these reasons for why a mass text is not the ideal method to get more Google reviews from your customers.

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Reasons Not To Mass Message Review Invitations:

1. It’s impersonal

The whole point of texting your customers is to create for them a pleasant, human-centered relationship. By sending a mass text, you do the opposite. It’s fine to engage with your customer base via text message or other digital communications – just remember that they don’t want to feel like one person in a sea of thousands of customers.

The best way to text your customers is to do so individually (instead of en masse) and to use emotion, tone, and proper grammar throughout the entire message.

2. It could go unnoticed

The easiest way to irritate your customers? By sending them unwanted communication. Think about it. You receive enough spam marketing calls and annoying messages from businesses all vying for your attention. You likely have these flagged to go right to your trash. Don’t end up in the trash due to a silly mistake in timing.

3. It’s unexpected

While people are used to receiving text messages, they likely aren’t used to receiving messages from businesses they have frequented. Although the element of surprise can often work to your advantage, it can also leave your customers feeling confused, ambushed, and unsure of what to do next. Instead of this (unwelcome) unexpected message, consider reaching out to your customers when they are expecting it – like as soon as the services have been rendered.

4. It is unlikely that your customers will feel invested enough to take the time to leave a review

The easiest way to make sure your customers feel invested enough to take the time to leave a review? If they feel like you are going out of your way to invest in them. The best way to do this is to simply ask your customers to leave a review.

Emphasize the importance of the positive review in helping to build your business, and remember that a majority of clients are more than willing to leave a positive review when they are asked directly (face-to-face).

5. You could have serviced the client months ago

Timeliness is everything when it comes to garnering customer reviews. If you ask a client for a review months after they have visited your business, the odds are that he either isn’t going to recall the experience, or will ignore your request altogether. The only way a customer will remember an experience enough to review it is if the service was altogether exceptional, or altogether terrible. Take advantage of the freshness of time by asking for a review as soon as the service has been completed.

6. They may be working with a different company

They may be working with a different company in the same industry and could confuse the two of you. If they had a poor experience with them, they can take it out on your business and falsely damage your representation.

7. You want a broad sprinkling of reviews consistently, at different times  – and not all at once

If all of your reviews come flooding in within the same block of time, that will look suspicious. More and more people are turning to online reviews as a method of gauging a business’s reliability. Don’t let this silly mistake stand between you and the prospect of growing your business.

People also look for reviews that are fairly new, since they’d be the most relevant representation for your business. Having a consistent stream of positive reviews shows you have a consistent stream of happy customers. The best way to achieve this status is by asking all your customers immediately after service.

The Alternative

Instead of sending a mass text all at once to your prior customers for fresh reviews, consider this approach. Go after reviews from the people you service every day, as soon as the service has been completed. This is when your customers’ experiences will be the freshest and vibrant in their minds, as well as when they are the most likely to give you something (besides a payment, of course!) in return for your good work.

The personal interaction created by this immediate transaction and experience will encourage them to review you right away. It will help generate more reviews over time than mass messaging your entire customer base all at once.

2 Step Reviews is a texting solution for reviews. With our app, we make it easy for your employees to enter the customer’s name and phone number and just hit send to send the request. It is one of the easiest and most efficient ways for review generation.

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