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Can you delete a Google Review?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a secret button to delete a negative review on Google. It takes some effort to get it removed but in reality, if it’s a fair review from a real customer, it can be there for life.

On the bright side you can always make the best of a negative review, but first you’ll want to give these steps a try in hopes to delete the review from Google for good.

Best steps to remove a bad Google review:

See if you can get them to take it down.

Try to locate the reviewer in your customer database. If you find them, give them a call to make up for whatever they’re unhappy about. If you’re able to calm them down and reason with them, you can kindly ask if they’ll change their review since it really helps the company (they may even do this on their own.)

Respond to it professionally

If you can’t locate the customer in your database, or they simply won’t agree to you fixing whatever it is they’re mad about, the next thing you can do is reply to it. Your response should be professional, because it’s something many future searchers will read when deciding whether or not they should do business with you. So right this to apologize for their unsatisfactory experience, address the problem, and show how you try to make it right with every customer so that your future customer knows they’ll be in good hands in case of the worst.

Report it to Google

If you feel the review is not fair, malicious, or possibly for the wrong company, you can report the review from Google. This is the only way that the review can be taken down. After reviewing the reported review, Google will come to their own conclusion on whether the review stands or is not deserved and therefore taken down.

Get more positive reviews

If the review is not taken down, having a negative review with a professional response is not entirely bad. People want to read bad reviews more than good reviews to see what the worst it can be is. If you respond in a way that shows your professional, this negative review can lead to even more conversions. Especially, when it’s 1 negative review in the sea of 250 5-star reviews.

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How many positive reviews do you need to out weigh a negative?

When you get a negative review, your first instinct should be to research if it’s legit and then make things right with the customer. Then, you should be thinking about getting as many positive reviews as possible to outweigh the negative.

Often times, people wonder how many positive reviews can equal a negative review? That really depends on the severity of the negative review. The truth of the matter is, there is no limit. If you have one negative review that’s three paragraphs long, you’ll want to match that with as many positive reviews as you possibly can. You don’t just stop when you hit say, 20.

How to flood your business with positive reviews

The real way to get more Google reviews is pretty simple: get a system going and ask every happy customer you see for a review.

Not so simple? Ok hear me out:

You’ll want to make the process for customers to leave a review as simple for them as possible. One way we like to do it is by texting them a link to our review sites so they can get to it in a couple of clicks.

Then, you’ll want to have all your employees on the same page. When your finished servicing a customer, and you know that they are happy (or at least, not upset) with your service, open the invitation for them to leave you a review, and let them know how much it will mean for you if they do.

A go-to for our employees is, “Hey [name], glad I could help you today. I’d hate to inconvenience you, but if you could leave me a review it would mean a lot for me if my boss sees it and for the business as a whole. I can text you the link right now if you have a cell phone to send it too.”

If you’re a happy customer, how can you say no to that?! Granted some will and do, but don’t let that discourage you. If you’re only open 5 days a week and see 20 customers a day, if you can close just 2 of those customers into a positive review, you’re looking at 520 positive reviews by this time next year.

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