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Got a hit hard with a bad review on Google? It’s alright, it happens to the best of us.

There’s a few reasons why you may have gotten a poor review on your business page.

  1. Your employee provided terrible service
  2. The customer is known to leave unfair, bad reviews
  3. The customer was upset with your pricing
  4. A competitor is seeking to sabotage your company
  5. Someone reviewed your company on accident

And many more.

Whether the review was well deserved, or completely untrue, you know as well as I do the impact that one bad review can have on your business.

Over 80% of people claim they read reviews before making an online purchase nowadays. Can you blame them? It’s all so readily available and it’s what they see as an accurate interpretation of your business.

All it takes is one person to hurt your hard-earned business reputation, and directories like Google Local will view that heart-filled review as the most relevant review to show their users.

Not OK!

Get Alerted About Negative Reviews Right Away!

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Can You Delete Bad Google Reviews?

Unfortunately, no, unless you were the one who had written it. Although you can not simply delete your negative reviews, you’re not completely out of luck.

In fact, there are several ways to handle bad reviews depending on different consequences. Let’s brush over a few things you should definitely do to fix a bruise on your business’s reputation.

The Best Ways To Get Bad Google Reviews Removed:

Reporting fake reviews:

If you’re pretty sure you never serviced this person giving your company 1-Star, it’s probably a fraud. You’d be surprised about the number of ruthless companies out there who will create fake Gmail accounts to leave poor reviews on their competitors pages.

In this situation, click on the person’s profile in order to see what else they’ve reviewed (maybe you’ll see some other competitors got hit by them too). When the evidence is clear, report the review to Google and let them know the info. It may take a few days, but Google is pretty good with identifying and taking down fake reviews when they are brought to their attention.

To report the fake review, hover over the review and a flag will appear like the one above. Simply click the flag next to be taken to the page where you submit more info regarding the review.



Fill out this form to submit a fake review to Google.

Make A Professional Response:

Let’s face it, mistakes happen. You may have gotten the job done but had a problem along the way. Even if the problem was minor, like your employee got there at 2:15 when you said 2:00, this is enough to piss off certain kinds of people and make them want some kind of retaliation. These people are also a lot of the times from what they see as “Professional Reviewers”. What better way than hurting your business’s hard-earned reputation?!

First off, understand these customers are people too, some may have a hole in their heart, but you gotta hope others are understanding. In such a case, you need to clean up the mess and make things right. 

To do this, you should know how to respond to negative reviews accordingly. The good thing about a negative review is that it’s a good place to show your professionalism in your response which goes a long way in the eyes of potential new customers.

negative review response



Example of a good response to a negative Google review

Make Peace With The Reviewer:

There are times we drop the ball completely, and unfortunately, the customer has an awful experience. As the business owner or manager, it’s your job to make things right. Even if this person didn’t leave a review.

However your business model is, offer them something that will make them happy. It will be worth it in the long run. Once they’re seemingly satisfied, approach them again apologetically and explain the impact their review has made on your business.

If the person likes you and sees your doing all you can to make things right, they’ll feel bad and agree to take it down. Most people don’t realize the detrimental effect their review can leave on businesses like ours.

If they still refuse, just make sure you leave a reply on their review without putting them down or making it seem like they’re wrong. Show the people who will be reading these Google reviews in the future that you’re a customer-first business and are doing all you can to make things right when customers have an unpleasant experience. This will go a long way.

Negative review to positive review ratio:

When you get a negative review, your first instinct should be to research if it’s legit and then make things right with the customer. Then, you should be thinking about getting as many positive reviews as possible to outweigh the negative.

Often times, people wonder how many positive reviews can equal a negative review? That really depends on the severity of the negative review. The truth of the matter is, there is no limit. If you have one negative review that’s three paragraphs long, you’ll want to match that with as many positive reviews as you possibly can. You don’t just stop when you hit say, 20.

How to flood your business with positive reviews

The real way to get more Google reviews is pretty simple: get a system going and ask every happy customer you see for a review.

Not so simple? Ok hear me out:

You’ll want to make the process for customers to leave a review as simple for them as possible. One way we like to do it is by texting them a link to our review sites so they can get to it in a couple of clicks.

Then, you’ll want to have all your employees on the same page. When your finished servicing a customer, and you know that they are happy (or at least, not upset) with your service, open the invitation for them to leave you a review, and let them know how much it will mean for you if they do.

A go-to for our employees is, “Hey [name], glad I could help you today. I’d hate to inconvenience you, but if you could leave me a review it would mean a lot for me if my boss sees it and for the business as a whole. I can text you the link right now if you have a cell phone to send it too.”

If you’re a happy customer, how can you say no to that?! Granted some will and do, but don’t let that discourage you. If you’re only open 5 days a week and see 20 customers a day, if you can close just 2 of those customers into a positive review, you’re looking at 520 positive reviews by this time next year.

Not too shabby…

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